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Revolo is a Omega Replica Watches new concept that we have recently introduced to you Omega Replica Watches. This brand offers a full customization program to help you create your own watch. You have the option to change dials, case shape, coating, hands and crowns as well as straps and bracelets. And, most importantly, your movement type. Omega Replica Watches Revolo has created more than 1,000 custom 3-hand watches. Now, they are moving to a new type of watch, the chronograph. But with the same personalization idea. Kickstarter is now open.The brand's foundation is based on a simple principle: People want their personal objects reflect who they are. Revolo, a Omega Replica Watches Dutch watchmaker, has specialized in personalized and custom-made watches. The 3-hand watch was the first, which allowed you to personalize and change almost everything. The case shape (from a sporty to an original cushion-shaped), type of movement (quartz or Miyota Automatic), colour of dial, hands and engraving on back. Monochrome created a special piece to test it. Omega Replica Watches The result was impressive considering the cost. And how much fun it is to make your own watch!Omega Replica Watches

Today Rolex Replica Watches, Revolo launched their latest project on Kickstarter. It features Omega Replica Watches the same customization concept and in-depth options for changing the look. But now, the Revolo Chronograph is a new type. Based on the reliable Valjoux 7750 architecture, the base is an automatic Swiss movement. Concepto, a trusted partner and movement maker, manufactured the base. The fun part is Omega Replica Watches personalization.You can change nearly every part of the watch, just like with the 3-hand watches. Only one case style is currently available: 42mm steel. It has a masculine, racing-inspired design that suits the chronograph function. There are three options: nude steel, black PVD rose gold and one in black. There are 9 options for your bezel: polished, brushed, with insert tachymeter, 3 dial Omega Replica Watches options (white blue, black), 3 chronograph pushers options (steel black, gold), 22 crowns, and pretty much everything you need to make the strap or buckle.Omega Replica Watches

You Omega Replica Watches can create the Revolo Chronograph by simply using an online Omega Replica Watches configurator. It will walk you through all the options. The Revolo Chronograph will go on sale after the Kickstarter campaign is over. However, early subscribers can still get a fully customizable Revolo Chronograph starting at EUR 1,645, which is Omega Replica Watches quite reasonable for a Valjoux 7750-powered watch.Monochrome covers many Kickstarter brands. They all have interesting stories, even though they are micro-brands with little traction in the multibillion-dollar watch market. CJR watches was established in 2013 and has just released the "Commander Series". It is a watch that I think matches its name perfectly.Although the Commander series is not for everyone, it will not disappoint those Omega Replica Watches who love elegant watches. This series is for people who are outgoing and don't mind wearing bold watches on their wrists.This piece's hands are sharp and precise with a modern hollowed-out design that makes it easy to read. A different color is used for the tips of these hands, which creates a great contrast. The Omega Replica Watches CJR "Commander Series", like many other skeleton watches is not as easy to read as a regular timepiece. Omega Replica Watches

Here's omega replica the fun part: How far can your $449 purchase of this watch go Omega Replica Watches if it is on an early bird sale? If you compare it to your typical mainstream brand, I'd say yes. They offer great value for money, just like many of the micro-brands that are emerging.The Omega Replica Watches commander series is available in four color options and comes with a large 45mm box. It also features a unique skeleton display. Monochrome thinks that the skeleton design of this watch is too busy and tacky, but it will please many. This watch is Omega Replica Watches technically excellent, even if you don't care about the assertive design.The hands, the second wheel and the 24-hour indicator are some of the most distinctive features of the timepiece. It is nice that the watch's skeleton dial is illuminated. Technically, the only problem I see is the Mineral Window that the Omega Replica Watches Commander Series is equipped with. A sapphire crystal would have truly completed the package for me.Omega Replica Watches